Dave’s WordPress Quickstart Kit.

What is it and why should I buy it?

What's In a Quickstart Kit?

– Safe SVG
– OG very tiny Open Graph plugin
– Wordfence
– Change wp-admin login
– Akeeba
– White Label CMS
– WordPress Real Media Library

– Import and export users and customers
– Content Control – members areas
– Remove Dashboard Access

– Woo Commerce


Quickstart Kits

Thank you for your interest in installing my Quickstart Kit for WordPress. Quickstart Kits are not meant for existing sites only NEW WordPress websites.

A Quickstart Kit is nothing more than the latest wordpress version of WordPress preconfigured. What does that mean? It means we pick from some of the best plugins, and page builders and install them for you to save you about 1 hour or more setting up your NEW WordPress website. We also include a custom installer powered by Akeeba.

I created these Quickstart Kits to secure your website and allow you to recover should something fail. Social media will show your site appropriately when using this kit. I have enabled secure scalable vector graphics, added enhanced media management with the use of files and folders. There is entire membership management so you can secure parts of your website, hide the native WordPress dashboard UI while managing user accounts in bulk. Included is a complete e-commerce platform so that you can sell your products or services with ease. Finally, I’ve provided a white label management experience for site owners and design shops to deliver a personalized WordPress experience.

All of these plugins are ready to go and need to be ENABLED. It is very important that you delete unused or unneeded plugins as this may create unnecessary security issues. 

Quickstart Kits come in three choices determined by the type page builder:

  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • WordPress Builder Gutenberg

Quickstart Kit Pricing

Quickstart Kits only cost $10.00 per download. New downloads are added each month. You could spend one or more hours recreating this same setup, or pay a reasonable $10 fee and get a Quickstart Kit and save time!

All Quickstart Kits are the same configurations except the builder that is configured. Select your builder of choice. Build as many sites as you want with a single purchase. The builds below were built on 11/29/2020.


Plugin Video Learning Library