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The file is 1.4 GB in size, and to host it and the bandwidth to transfer the file cost money. Please help us support the project to keep it going.

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Host websites out of your home or Small Business!

Times have changed; people and companies are now putting everything online. Money is also of concern. Millions are out of work! What if you could learn to convert your home pc into a REAL web & database server, pay no money, and only pay for just the domain name every year? Imagine how much money you could save on hosting one or more websites this way?

The first half of the course is free; I want you to see if you can get comfortable with some technical terms. I even include a practice test to make sure you have what you need before proceeding to the next steps of doing the actual work. If you feel comfortable, and follow along, you should pay to get the full course, test, and all of the information, including the great downloads. If you are just curious about how the Internet works, then enjoy just the free portion as my thank you to you for taking the time to view my videos and this course.